Residenza Radaelli


A+ a Treviglio
class A+

Residenza Radaelli is rated class A+, the highest in terms of energy efficiency and living comfort.
To produce energy, it exploits sunlight and ground heat.
Most of the energy is produced on site!
The air filtering system guarantees correct air ventilation without heat dispersion.
Casing, facade, window and door frames guarantee the maximum heat and sound insulation.
Less dispersions, lower consumption, more savings!


Thanks to the photovoltaic system, each apartment is provided with 2 free kilowatts of electricity. This means that 2/3 of the bill is already paid. An electricity bill for a 100 square metre apartment is less than 60 Euro a month, with 65% savings compared to a home with traditional systems.

The high-yield silica photovoltaic modules, built onto the building roof, capture sunlight and directly and immediately transform it into electricity, on both sunny and cloudy days. Part of this energy is directly used and part is emitted in the grid to be used at any time of the day or night.

The advantages due to the use of this technology are multiple, from high system reliability and thus durability to the full reduction of pollution tied to energy demand since fossil fuels are not used with significant energy savings.

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The Geothermic system contributes to heating in the winter and cooling in the summer with only natural energy produced on-site thanks to the heat of the ground, thus low cost.

The activity in our planet and sun naturally heat the ground that stays at a constant temperature all year round. Exploiting this principle, through heat pumps combined with geothermic probes, heat exchange is created that is able to heat and cool the buildings with a single system all year round, with limited energy demand compared to yield, ensuring high performance.

It is also due to this technology that the Residenza Radaelli is rated class A+, the highest in terms of energy savings and living comfort, with the security of living well while also respecting the environment.

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Mechanised Ventilation (V.M.C.)

The mechanised ventilation system (V.M.C.) is the simplest and most practical way to guarantee correct air exchange, avoiding useless heat dispersions.

Keeping windows open for a long period to exchange air, in fact, disperses the comfortable internal temperature.

With this system internal air is sucked through the exhaust vents, conveyed to a fan with a continuous filtering heat exchanger, purified and re-emitted into the home at the required temperature. Air is fully exchanged, always perceived as "fresh" even when the home is left closed for days. Humidity, smokes and unpleasant odours are efficiently eliminated, guaranteeing a hygienic environment without stains or moulds. Noise and air pollution remain outside the home, in silence and with the maximum comfort.

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Dry walls

Residenza Radaelli walls were designed to have the best heat and sound insulation, aiming to achieve maximum energy savings. For this reason, the new dry wall technology was used.

Wall are made up of several layers with varying insulation functions, without having to use external insulation linings and brick blocks. These are truly innovative materials, produced with focus not only on performance but also on reducing environmental impacts.

What residents perceive is high heat-sound comfort in addition to the security of living in a fireproof and anti-seismic home.

This technology was also used for the internal walls, permitting easier modularity for interior rooms should they be changed in the future while also soundproofing the rooms.

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Window and door frames

We wanted to enhance homes with large windows to promote interior lighting. For this reason, choosing excellent and innovative door and window frames, that disperse a low level of heat in the window and do not let it enter in the summer, was essential.

There are 3 layers of security glass, optimised for heat and sound insulation.

The burglar-proof panels and frames are made of pine plywood and extruded aluminium, guaranteeing stability in time, minimum maintenance, optimal air and waterproofing, plus the best sound and heat performance.

Material quality and hi-tech features are key to ensuring the best energy efficiency for the building, excellent soundproofing and a high heat insulation power that remains constant in time.

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No gas

We chose not to install the traditional gas system at the Residenza Radaelli because heating and cooling is independently managed by the photovoltaic panels and geothermic system. This innovation also contributed to achieving A+ energy consumption ratings.

Having one less bill, with the consequent enormous savings, is just one of the advantages of this choice.

Safety is first and foremost: the risk of fire is significantly reduced and gas leaks fully eliminated. Then, there’s the speed of hot water production, immediately available. The lack of safety vents in traditional systems eliminates heat dispersion. Lastly, the entire home system, fully managed by domotics, ensures high practicality and comfort. Modern and practical induction stove tops in the kitchen take the place of traditional burners, with all the consequent advantages.

Cooking is safer, thanks to the lack of flames or incandescent surfaces. It is also more hygienic, thanks to the easy to clean ceramic glass. Faster, thanks to electromagnetic induction that exclusively heats pots and pans without heating the entire surface.

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