Residenza Radaelli


A+ a Treviglio

Residenza Radaelli is in the heart of Treviglio, population 30 thousand, in a prestigious residential area.

It is the ideal context for: a quiet town, with shopping streets, parks, sports centres and schools of every type.

Milan is only 30 minutes away, with high-frequency trains, the A4 highway or new Brebemi expressway.

The living context is essential when purchasing a home. The quality of life is clearly superior when living in a peaceful yet well-serviced area.

Residenza Radaelli emerges from the centre of Treviglio, in a residential area near schools, post offices, pharmacies, shopping streets, the cinema, etc. Everything you need is within walking distance, including the central train station on the Milan-Venice route, with frequent trains to Bergamo, Cremona and even the centre of Milan with the railroad link.

When travelling by car, Treviglio is located in a strategic position, especially when considering the 2013 opening of the new BreBeMi expressway that will allow for fast and safe travel in the new Lombardy roadway infrastructure.